Emergency Equine Vet in Maple Plain MN

Emergency care is provided to established clients and by referral.  Please call 612-750-8245 in the event of an emergency.


Examples of emergencies may include lacerations; puncture wounds; colic (abdominal discomfort; lying down; kicking at belly); inability to rise; anything that causes a reduction in appetite; fever (>100.9 F); ocular discomfort, swelling, or discoloration; leg swelling; sudden or severe lameness; and difficulty foaling.  If a foal is less energetic, is eating less well, seems awake less often, or is having any abnormal conditions, it should be evaluated by a veterinarian as soon as possible; foals are much more fragile than adults and can become sick within hours.


Please note that the list of emergencies above is not exhaustive and emergencies may present in other ways.  If you have any concerns about your horse or are uncertain if your horse is having an emergency, please call Dr. Renier to discuss your situation.