Geriatric Wellness


Older horses have unique age-related needs and conditions.  They commonly require special attention to their diet, dental care, and endocrine status.  Wellness evaluations of older horses are offered with their individual needs in mind.


At what age is a horse considered to be geriatric?

Whether or not a horse is considered to be geriatric is determined by a combination of age and health status.  Generally speaking, horses over the age of 20 years are considered to be geriatric, but there are horses at 15 years who may be in less good condition than some at 25 years of age.  It is advisable to have your horses evaluated by 15 years of age to see if some of the common conditions affecting older horses may be affecting them.  Note that just because your horse may be experiencing one or more of these conditions does not automatically mean that their career has to change or that they need to retire.  It does mean that there are things we can do to try to support their health to continue their current success!


Common conditions that may affect horses as they age include:

-Cushings Disease (aka PPID)

-Weight loss and dietary concerns

-Dental changes


-Changes in heart valves and heart murmurs