Lameness Examinations

Lameness in a horse can be frustrating.  A lot of work goes into training and preparing a horse for its athletic goals, whether that is in a competitive arena or out on the trail.  The good news is there are many more diagnostic and treatment options available for our horses now than there were in previous eras.  Not only does this provide us with increased hope of recovery, but it provides us with increased flexibility to identify the treatment and, when necessary, rehabilitation plan that is right for each horse and rider. 




Although we often look to a lameness exam when a horse has sustained an injury, these exams can also be beneficial before there is an obvious problem.  Evaluating a horse’s motion and soundness before a horse has injured itself may help prevent injury in the first place.  This is possible by identifying areas of strength and weakness for the horse and taking proactive measures to support the horse orthopedically.


Dr. Renier offers lameness examinations in-hand and under tack.  On-farm flexion tests, local blocks, digital radiography (xray), and ultrasound exams are available to help determine the likely cause of your horse’s lameness.  Joint injections and spinal manipulative therapy are provided when appropriate.  Coordination and collaboration with farriers for hoof care and radiography is encouraged.